Universal Visa – Study & Settle Abroad

Don’t panic for #Coronavirus Encouraging applicants to apply for Visas for a vital reasons. Due to uncertainty and temporary border closure.I urge applicants to seize this an opportunity, where less applications are applied, where dollar conversion rate at its lowest, it helps saves massive money in paying fees. We have seen and experienced positive outcome of the applications recently lodged. I urge all intending clients /applicants to seize this an opportunity once the visa is granted, you don’t have to re-apply. Same visa remain active moreover the tuition fees paid to colleges Universities stays untouched, the most it could ask is deferment of the course for study visa options, some Universities and Colleges offering lectures at home (Private study) as a result of CronaVirus. We are open and accepts applications except Sunday’s and National holidays everything is working normal everything is high tech via Internet can be from Home or offices does not matter. Don’t be sluggish use this time for better. Do all your pending to do during this time Be smart think beyond you get there Coronavirus has brought some good things which we waited for long now that fear is making us cleaning our cities local Council all over the world are formally forced to clean the cities this should have done long ago everywhere.

Dirty mess, street dogs cats rats anything just clean up mandatory require for long it helps making our country green Hoping more Curfew India need for cleanliness. I m in support so as many This is an opportunity to seize Well, the closure of borders are temporarily It’s good and for health safety betterment but only for some time No country can hold their borders for long simply because the economy will crash Look at AUSTRALIAN dollar against Indian Rupees has fallen drastically but for a month or two avail the opportunity We are open and remain open

Universal Visa, Karnal and their members are using, implementing all hygienic measures to stop the virus circulation least we can do