Universal Visa – Study & Settle Abroad

Australian Government
Department of Immigration and Border Protection


Having been granted visas to enter Australia, you must make your own travel arrangements and pay your own airfares. However, you may be eligible for a special reduced one-way economy fare, as well as a more generous baggage allowance. These concessions, which may be available to prospective migrants through the International Organization for Migration, are the result of negotiations with a large number of international carriers on designated routes. To receive more information on International Organization for Migration concessional fares, baggage allowance and eligibility criteria, please contact International Organization for Migration by email at IOMAustralia@iom.int or visit their website at www.iom.int.

Health Undertaking Service

If you signed a Form 815 Health Undertaking at the request of a departmental office overseas, you must ring the Health Undertaking Service after you arrive in Australia. Once you contact the Health Undertaking Service, they will advise you of the nearest Health Authority Clinic where you can have your follow-up medical checks. You may contact the Health Undertaking Service on 1800 811 334 between 9 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Social security payments

Now that your visa has been granted, you need to make adequate financial arrangements to support yourself while looking for work. Generally, temporary or provisional residents in Australia cannot receive social security payments. Further information is available on the Internet at the following websites: